This Side Of The Grave

by N. Sherman

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Inspired by a play written by Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, these seven tracks from N. Sherman form a journey of recognition; that while there seems to be an overwhelming sense of death and decay in the world we live in, there is also new life springing from that which may seem dead. We just need to know where to look for it. With just one week in the basement of a friends home, the album was recorded, produced, and mixed by Caleb McAlpine in Kelowna, British Colombia. It was then mastered by Andy Sloan in his studio in England.


released May 1, 2015

All songs written by Nathanael Sherman.
All instruments performed by Nathanael Sherman & Caleb McAlpine.
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Caleb McAlpine.
Mastering by Andy Sloan.
Additional Vocals on "Brother, Mother, Father" by Jordan McAlpine.
Guest Vocals on "Our Distance Is Not Known" by Nathan Sperry.
Guest Vocals on "Unsafe" by Caleb McAlpine.
Artwork & Design by Stephanie Green.



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N. Sherman Spokane, Washington

N. Sherman is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Washington State in the U.S. For five years, he has performed all across the UK, Ireland, and the United States, bringing a passionate, intimate, and inclusive approach to his live concerts.

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Track Name: Waiting To Be Heard
I met a drunk old man while waiting for a train
Whiskey on his breath and speech slurred
But one look into his eyes, those oceans of pain
I knew he had a story just waiting to be heard
He said he’d had a lot of things like women, drink, and wealth
Couldn’t seem to get this emptiness cured
He said it’s all just endless noises humming in our heads
And son, those noises ain’t waiting to be heard

Oh, my brothers and sisters
We are beggars in a city
And silver and gold won’t fill the pockets of our souls

I’ve got this stirring in my soul that’s urging me to move
This tune of life, it’s a broken record
Well, I’ve had enough, I’m lifting the needle from the groove
There’s got to be a new song that’s waiting to be heard

I’m listening for that trumpet, I’m listening for that trumpet
I’m listening for the sound of my Lord
Track Name: Brother, Mother, Father
Brother, what is your reason?
Are you searching for a new season?
The crops which you have grown
The seeds that you have sown
All is vanity and death

History it says, "Don't hope on this side of the grave."
But new life and new justice comes just like a tidal wave

Our Mother's rain brings redemption
Like dew on grass, daily given
While we take with no returns
She grieves, and oh, she yearns
For a day when all is new

Our Father's grace brings exemption
And from his hand comes new creation
All the weary and forlorn
All the broken and the torn
Come and drink, taste and see
Track Name: Our Distance Is Not Known
With every mountain climbed or conquered, a larger one is faced
And every road is walked and wandered, only to be replaced
And I can't seem to find you
But I know that I've lost you

How the distance is not known
'Till on our hands, the blood has flown
How our distance is not know
'Till on our hands, the blood has flown

Armed with war into the pasture, I have slain the dove
And as I grow in mind and stature, I lose my will to love
Before we get older
I swear, you are closer

If our hearts would stay younger
You would be nearer
Track Name: Unsafe
I have found love is a mystery
When I think I'm most resolved, I am most in doubt
And honestly, it scares the hell out of me
But maybe that is just what I need right now

And love tells me to take her hand and walk on out the door
And she has let me down before
But I'm learning every day, love is not what it would seem
It is not safe, but it is good

Lately, you've only been a fix of mine
The nicotine I crave when I've had a hard day
But do not be my last resort in these hard times
Be my daily bread, take my hunger away

We're surrounded by walls of doubt
Let truth break them down, and may we not resist
And we are men of drunken vows
So may our hands carry the weight of the words from our lips
Track Name: The Great Sigh
It's been a long and a weary drought
With water dripping out of the spout
Swollen throats and cracked and bloody mouths
It's been a long and a weary drought
'Cause the works of my hands have fallen from my hold
Too many times now to be told
My heart is heavy, and my hands are cold
Oh my God, it's getting old

I'm looking for the river that won't run dry
I'm searching for the waters that satisfy
Looking for the river that won't run dry
I am waiting for the great sigh

My words are vain, reject them all
They make the truest meanings come to a halt
So hear the depths from which they call
The voiceless longing in my heart and soul
Track Name: Meet Me Halfway
I cease to live within when I save my own skin
I want to change, but I won't, no, I won't
At least not today, I'll just run away
Still chained to the pen
I have killed with a knife all of those whom I have despised
I'm on the run, like a fugitive of the state
Oh, how I have bruised, oh, how I've abused
I've become what I hate

Won't you meet me halfway
Meet me halfway
Go easy on me

I can speak with eloquence, present a faultless defence
Give me a test, and I'll check off all of the points
But I have not love, and it's not enough
Like a body without joints
So fill me up with this love, my will below, others' above
Something that lasts, not some flash in the pan
But I'm a cracked cistern, and I am slow to learn
I'm a broken man

I've seen your face, but only in dreams
What's true? What's false? I can't see
But like roots breaking through stone just to reach for the stream
Will you get through to me?
Will you get through to me?
Track Name: Threads
The days of all, a rise and fall of needle and thread
We get up as day begins, and when it ends, we lay our heads
Weaving in and out, in and out...

When the string is cut, and our work is done
What will you leave behind?
What will you leave?
As the days pass by, the fabric unfolds in front of our eyes
What will you leave behind?

Our choices, they are voices that echo on
Your legacy, it's a tapestry reflecting who you have become
And it weaves in and out, in and out...

Will we see hopelessness, darkness, and plight?
Or righteousness, peace, and the light?